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Gift Guide for Women Who Aren’t Great at Self-Care

Gift Guide for Women Who Aren’t Great at Self-Care

As a woman in recovery, what I really want is sleep, more hours in the day, and to be a more pleasant mom and spouse. Since those aren’t actual gifts, I’ve got some other solid ideas to help the SoberMommies in your life. These are mostly appropriate for any woman in recovery in your life… Mom, sister, whatever…they all need your support, and a reminder that you know that self-care is important.

Gift card

Do not give me money, I will pay a bill with it or buy the kids something. Give me a gift card to get my hair done, or my nails, or even to get a massage. It would also be helpful if you were available to watch the kids, so I can actually go use the gift cards!

Tickets to do something I like

(Note: shouldn’t be what you like unless we like the same things.) Get the tickets for a set date and time, preferably a few weeks away so I can be off work or arrange childcare. Better yet…YOU arrange childcare. The set date and time is insurance that I will actually go. Maybe. Did I mention I wanted to do something I like?

Time alone without specific plans

A whole Saturday alone? An evening to meet with my girlfriends? Dinner with my sister? Yes please!! Sleep all day? Who cares. It’s my time!! (See above re needing someone to watch the kids…)

What I asked for

When I said I want a $300 vacuum, that’s what I want. Yes, I know it’s not fun. But it will make my life easier and that is really the goal. Please don’t get me $300 shoes if I asked for an appliance.
But feel free to get both.

Time with you

Life is busy. Recovery is busy. Kids are busy. Let’s carve out some time to just be. Let’s eat ice cream on the couch and binge-watch Netflix. Let’s do nothing together. No phones. No work. No chores. Let me enjoy you, because that’s why we’re here. Life is short. Let’s love while we can.


Well…yeah. Of course.

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas to help the SoberMommies in your life remember that caring for herself is important. Because if she ever needed it, she needs it now.

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